By name of God

Our association aim at Establishing Al-Qabas School is to raise and help producing an independent, confident and positive knowledgeable blind teens whom are so welcomed in this society. Supporting blind people to fit in and integrated in this world, strengthening the fact that a blind person can be as much as productive and efficient as the normal one. Provide him with all the successful tools such as gaining knowledge, professional skills, vocational training to be equalized by a normal person.

Many blind get abused psychically, psychology in their homes by their parents others can be so dependent, passive, week, and rude, due the over protection feelings he received from his parents. Therefore we present all the support any blind person can receive to turn into a different person full with high expectations and power to go on in this cruel world.

We believe that the blind has the ultimate right to finish his education. Our association goal is to activate all the senses the blind owns, in addition to erase the blind sorrows and weakness in facing this world and finally equip him with all the needed skills and trainings courses.

Our association provides the school with all the updated and new educational methodologies imported from local methods where the association was the pioneer in supplying the school and other schools with books printed in the Braille Language. In addition to the Educational Stuff who all are qualified to teach the students and stuffed them with all possible information any person can has.

The Association goals weren’t to be accomplished without all the support it receives from different sectors on local or international level, therefore I thank on behalf of all the members all the efforts and support we get from you.