Blind Student diary

I wished so hard to be like other normal child of having the sense of sight, she said with a sad but so confident face “we don’t get all what we want in life”. At the beginning I thought that all the children don’t see like me, but later on I knew that I am the only one who can’t see and need a special treatment.

I was raised in Tulkarem by great supportive and passionate parents whom did they best to afford me with all the necessities in life. At the beginning nobody noticed that I can’t see but later on my family suspected so they took me to a specialist all confirmed one thing that I can’t see in the future. And for financial reasons I couldn’t travel for more medical consultations.

I grown up directed by my family usually used to hold my parents hand whenever I go but later on I refused, for a very simple reason that is my great will to be independent and play with all the kids to run like them and be like them, even the injures I had because of the fallings and pumping with things never stop me of flying like a butterfly in the fields with my friends.

Kids grow up to attend the schools and for me going with my friends was so difficult because of my special conditions, and the lack of specialized schools in Tulkarem.
After a long searching and browsing for blind school my father find the Al-Qabas School for girls in Ramallah and decide to send there to get an appropriate education. I left the house leaving behind my family, memories, and friends. But the moment I entered the school I felt so happy where teachers and the principle welcomed me with a great and worming words. My first day was so great because I have the chance to meet with new girls and make new friendships but this time was different because all my friends are like me blind.
Every weekend I used to go home to visit my family spending the whole day talking and sharing everything, used to tell them what I have learnt , my family was so happy for seeing this progress in my personality.

A year passed and I entered the first grade I knew the principle of writing and reading in Braille language both English and Arabic letters. I was so happy to the extend that I spend my time reading and writing. The second year was so different and difficult due the starting of the El Aqsa Intifada, the demolishing of houses hit by missiles the assassinations, explosions , the tanks rooming around our hostel hitting places, therefore we use to spend a horrible time, I used to hear other kids crying and yelling being scared from the Israeli’s forces. In 19/01/2001 our building was hit by a missile that demolished a wall next to our dormitory I recalled how the student react they run , hitting each other trying to find a shelter but for no use. But all that will never kill the hope and will inside us to continue our educational process.
At the 3rd grade I lost the greatest person in this world he was my father, although I use to gain a great grades but that year was the saddest one. I remember when the administration told me that I have to package and visit my family at the beginning I was so happy but later on after I went home I heard the people crying I wondered then I get the greatest shocked in my life, I been told that my father passed away I told them to take me to his bed so I can salute him I didn’t know how I reached the room I hold his cold body I told him not to leave us but destiny and death is something we cant avoid in our life, people pulled me away but I refused but it was the time to bury him so gave up.. They took him so far away.
But life must go on days passes and I went to the association I received all the care and attention any person could ever imagine I felt so loved and protected and secured, to the extend that I was so close to forget my sorrows.

Finally I want to pass you a great massage that is “though the obstacle the blind person could face specially those living in Palestine still with hope, will, achieve goals and become a very productive people in their society.”