Friends of the Blind


The Association Mission

Friends of the Blind Association is a Non profit Association was founded in 1976, it aims to support and custody blind and poor eyesight children from West Bank aged 5-18 years old by provide them with the essential services such us educational and supportive methods that help them in return to gain all the knowledge and skills to be productive in this society.

Association objectives:

  • Provide Educational opportunities for blind and poor eyesight children that are at least primary and secondary level..
  • Working on Public awareness field by publishing tips and information on blind.
  • Provide blind with Braille printed Materials to enrich their knowledge in different issues.
  • Support blind coming from poor family financial background to have their higher education.
  • Working on integrate blind and poor eyesight children into public schools.
  • Implicate the highly technology machines to serve in the process of developing blind scopes, skills, and knowledge.
  • Establish printing center to print all the school books in Braille language in addition to Holy Qura’n Books, and Entertainment and Scientific books.
  • Establish a Center for selling manual Braille machines, roll papers, devices, and programs relevant to blind and provide the center with professional technicians for maintenance purposes.

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